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Alice « I couldn't believe it ! »

- 8 /10

Quite frankly, I doubted whether it would be possible to access the internet since I live in a valley where the mountains block signals. But Tooway, it works! I am delighted !


Richard.W « Get the antenna installed by a professional »

- 7 /10

I am very happy with my Tooway subscription, but would advise that you get the antenna installed by an expert, because tuning it to the satellite is quite tricky.


James71 « Truly high-speed »

- 9 /10

I took the XXL package to make sure I had speed and I am very happy. The download times advertised by Tooway are accurate. Apart from on the weekend when it takes longer to download films than during the week.


Mark Scot « The antenna is very discreet »

- 8 /10

I was expecting the dish to be a big ugly thing on the side of the house, but no, it is very discreet. And it has great reception. Brilliant! Thanks Tooway.


Jenny35 « My questions are always answered »

- 9 /10

Since Tooway isn't a very well-known brand I asked the distributor plenty of questions, to see if they knew what they were doing and were professional. I got clear and honest answers. They don't oversell their product and that's good. I took the L package for now and it works rather well. Excellent.


Claire « We can all go online at the same time »

- 8 /10

This is much better than the wifi we had before. There are five of us in the house and everyone can go online at the same time, with good service, without interruptions and without it slowing down. I think I will also install the triple play.


Annie32 « My Secret Weapon »

- 6 /10

My friends see me as the digital mum in our neighborhood, yet all I do is use the internet to help me manage my daily family needs!
And I found a really fast solution with Tooway, a real secret weapon to be the fastest …


Rohit « High speed finally ! »

- 7 /10

I live in Normandy, in a town where Tooway brings me a real connection! I do not always have the same speed depending on the time when I get connected, but it's fast, sometimes very fast !


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