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Tooway, high speed

internet really is everywhere !

KA-SAT offers high-speed Internet access throughout the United Kingdom, including in the ‘Not Spot areas’ not served by land networks, such as ADSL, and with a high level of reliability, quality, safety and access availability.

Tooway is a high speed internet access consumer solution. All you need is a satellite dish and a modem connected to the computer to be connected to the web via Tooway.  Tooway transmits and receives with just the same power as a mobile phone (2W) and is located outside the house.

The first European satellite designed exclusively for the Internet.
The advantages:

  • When the Ka-band frequency is combined with multi-spot technology, the satellite’s total capacity is 30 times higher than traditional satellites.
  • Ka band is much more concentrated and transmits a more concentrated flow of information through narrower beams.
  • Therefore the number of connections (or subscriptions) is increased in a single satellite and the price to the end user is significantly reduced.

has offers to suit all users

TOOWAY 2 - Volume of 2 GB
TOOWAY 10 - Volume of 10 GB
TOOWAY 25 - Volume of 25 GB
TOOWAY 40 - Volume of 40 GB
TOOWAY extra - Volume of 40+60 GB
TOOWAY Easy - by day, week, or month
TOOWAY Business - Up to 200 GB