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High speed

Simple, fast and convenient internet


Characterised by its capacity to transmit data, sound, speech and images, high speed is synonymous with user-friendly internet. It allows for fast and simple access to the countless possibilities offered by the “world-wide web”: email or document exchange, chat, webcam conversations, browsing of millions of web sites, online purchasing, banking, viewing photos, films, clips, videos or TV programmes, etc.


Films can be downloaded in just a few minutes !


A high speed internet connection of 6Mbps* (Megabits per second) allows you to download a music clip in just 5 to 6 seconds, a video clip in less than 30 seconds and a two-hour film in only a quarter of an hour, or one hour for HD (High Definition) format.

*Mbps: Megabits per second is the unit of measurement for the theoretical speed of data transfer between the internet and a computer. It corresponds to the number of information units (bits) transferred in each second and is measured in millions (Mbps).


3.3m UK premises “left out of the Net”


While the UK is now largely covered by ADSL*, research shows that there are 3.3m UK premises that cannot receive broadband, or receive a service of less than 2 Mbps**, and remain separated from this high speed network. 3.3m premises deprived of a connection that has become indispensable for accessing information and for staying in touch with others and with the whole world: the Net. The solution is Tooway.

*Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a digital communication technique which uses a telephone line to transmit and receive digital data 

** Based on OFCOM data published June 2012



The solution comes from the sky!


Tooway is a high speed satellite internet access service “for everyone everywhere”. It offers connections with download speeds of 20 Mbps and upload speeds of 6 Mbps, largely equivalent to the performance of ADSL, for homes unable to connect to the Internet, wherever they are located. The digital divide is over, thanks to Tooway; now everyone can have high speed internet access. No need for a telephone line and no additional software to install. An individual satellite dish and a modem connected to your computer are all you need to connect to the “web” and no longer be a victim of the digital divide, or cut off from the world.

has offers to suit all users

TOOWAY 2 - Volume of 2 GB
TOOWAY 10 - Volume of 10 GB
TOOWAY 25 - Volume of 25 GB
TOOWAY 40 - Volume of 40 GB
TOOWAY extra - Volume of 40+60 GB
TOOWAY Easy - by day, week, or month
TOOWAY Business - Up to 200 GB