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Tooway, telephony via satellite

Tooway also allows you to access Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional telephone technology, voice is no longer transmitted via an analogue signal. Instead it is transmitted via the internet, just like an ADSL telephone connection.

This high-performance technology will also deliver significant savings on calls both within the UK and abroad.

With Tooway, you no longer need a landline to get online… or even to make calls.

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has offers to suit all users

TOOWAY 2 - Volume of 2 GB
TOOWAY 10 - Volume of 10 GB
TOOWAY 25 - Volume of 25 GB
TOOWAY 40 - Volume of 40 GB
TOOWAY extra - Volume of 40+60 GB
TOOWAY Easy - by day, week, or month
TOOWAY Business - Up to 200 GB