Tooway offers a tool to help and guide you in choosing the package that best suits your needs and consumption.

How ?
It is simple and convenient.

Expert Mode :
If you are experienced in using the internet, just move the sliders according to your user habits, content and/or time consumption. Depending on the position of the slider, you will see a corresponding offer for a Tooway package.

Simple mode :
If you really do not know how you use the internet or do not know what your consumption is, then move your mouse over the menu OUR PACKAGES – YOUR HOME – YOUR USE – YOUR EQUIPMENT, and you can click on one or more answers.
For each choice, a corresponding Tooway package is displayed. You can at any time, in addition to the choices you have made, move the sliders and the packages offered will change depending on the consumption and uses you select.

Question mark ( ?) :
If you move your mouse over the question mark, information on a consumption reference is provided according to its type.

What for ?
The TOOWAY SIMULATOR will help you understand your needs according to your user habits, and you also have the opportunity to subscribe to the most appropriate Tooway package

How to subscribe ?
After using the TOOWAY SIMULATOR and finding the Tooway subscription package that best suits you needs, simply click on the SUBSCRIBE button or talk to a customer advisor witth the CALL ME BACK button

Important Note :
TOOWAY SIMULATOR helps you choose a package and provides information for reference only. The figures may vary according to various technical factors.