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Diana and James, around fifty, very much in love with Normandy! (In the countryside in Dives sur Mer) Normandy

Never far from our island

« In our main residence in the suburbs of London, we already subscribed to broadband Internet with Tooway, and we were very happy. So, naturally, we used the same ISP to equip our house in the countryside. At home we say: “Don`t change a winning team!” In addition, Tooway also suggested how to benefit from a “triple play” service, that comprises voice telephone over IP (Internet Protocol) and satellite television, by adding a Tooway TV receiver. With this set-up, we can also make long distance calls to England for a very reasonable price, and also watch the BBC. We are delighted, thanks to Tooway, to be connected to the whole world…and to be connected to our island. When we are in London, we love to be able to continue as if we never left home… »

Did you know ?

Television can also from the Not Spot areas where the homes are far from the radio transmitters that broadcast. But we know satellite and television go well together: the Tooway antenna also transmits television channels, in DTH, meaning that the bandwidth used for the internet is not affected by the images because they are routed to directly the TV.

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