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Dominic, 42 years old, a senior executive of a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, enjoys his independence in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria Cumbria

Peace of mind

« My little isolated house situated on the coast is without terrestrial Internet connection from a mobile network. But thanks to Tooway, I spend my weekends there peacefully. I am the production director of an important industrial SME, which runs seven days a week. If there was a major problem in our process, not only would I immediately be warned, but I would also have to react remotely and I would need to quickly carry out the necessary measures, before going to the factory if required. This scenario has never happened, but knowing that I could react quickly is calming. thanks to the satellite technology ! »

Did you know ?

Tooway is versatile and is also used by the community. It has already been adopted by communities within the CBP (Communal Backup Plans) to secure communications in the event of network failure due to flood, earthquake or other major catastrophe’s. AND in telemedicine, through Tooway, the patient can be video connected to the nursing staff and have access to their medical records in a hospital, all from within their home.

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