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Francis and Christopher, 64 and 66 years old, retired to Shrewsbury, Shropshire, love the simplicity of Tooway… Shrewsbury, Shropshire

All the family thanked us !

« After we retired, my wife and I spent almost half the year in our house in the countryside, situated in a “Not Spot area”, in the West of England. During the holiday periods, we often welcomed our three children and our seven grandchildren, who are delighted to enjoy the sun and the fresh air when spring comes, but who cannot live without Internet access! Therefore, we took the decision to subscribe to the 2 Service from Tooway. It allows each of them to read their emails and to “surf” on the Internet, as the young people say nowadays. No movie or music downloads however, we were strict and said none of that during the holidays! But the whole family thanked us, and one of our grandchildren found out from a national educational website that he passed his GCSE examinations. Internet is amazing, isn’t it? »

Did you know ?

The Ministry of National Education announced in June 2013 the establishment of eleven Internet services: two services for the elementary students (Basics/English for schools), five services for the secondary students (Prep’exam / D’Col / Orientation services / Masecondechance/ Total Access), two services for teachers (M@gistère / ÉduThèque), and finally two services for the parents of the students (One year for learning to read/ Registration to school).

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