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Hugo, 25 years old, lives in Taunton, Somerset, in all its simplicity. Taunton, Somerset

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« It is very simple; the Internet is absolutely necessary for my studies. I will sit my examination this year as a landscape gardener, alternating between school and internship. The materials used are variable; we not only learn about plant life, but also understand masonry, electricity, and money management so that one day we can run our own businesses. I am in daily contact with my school, which sends me courses and information on all subjects, video demonstrations, websites to consult, etc. Luckily, the county where I am registered as an intern participates in the program “Cyber municipality” from Tooway. They have even put a computer at the public’s disposal to test satellite internet. I saw that this worked very well and I subscribed to the cheapest package, Service 2. This was enough for me initially, it allowed me to chat, and the local authority paid a part of my invoice. That works! »

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Depending on the area you live in and where you want to install the internet access, you can receive allowances for the purchase of your equipment (antenna and modem) or for the installation

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