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Isabelle and Graeme, around forty years old, married with a child in Truro, Cornwall, see a lot in Tooway! Truro, Cornwall

Twice as indispensable

« I have owned a large cottage B&B for the past two years in the heart of a beautiful area, very touristy, frequented by “outdoor” sport lovers: biking, canoeing, climbing…My clients come from all over Europe and even from the United States, Canada or Australia. In this type of business, having access to broadband Internet is twice as important. On the business side it allows me to safely manage online reservations, and on the other side it provides web access to our guests, who can easily keep in touch with home. I was honestly not satisfied with my original Wi-Fi connection which didn’t work. With tooway extra, I am happy and my husband, wanting to welcome foreign tourists, found a phrase in French that he would repeat to them and he was very proud of it: “Le Internet Tooway, c’est essen-ciel! Succès assuré!”  which means “Tooway Internet is essential heaven! Success is guaranteed!”

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In order to obtain the highest level of 5 stars, the B&Bs of England must offer :”…independent house with private garden with private access, with a unique character setting, park or private gardens, private car location, provision of at least one leisure facility (tennis, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, etc.), Internet access…

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