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Jean Talbot, Farmer from Midhurst, Sussex has the service L from Tooway Midhurst, Sussex

Internet; a daily tool for work !

« The Internet; I need it for something every day. It helps me immensely in managing my farm. I get information about the weather, currency, the market. I find information on agricultural news, I am aware of the latest techniques related to my job. I consult my bank accounts or used farm equipment ads. I download documents about the new norms and regulations concerning traceability, food safety and hygiene, which are numerous and fast changing. Our virtual communities are active; I access farming forums, and keep up to date with agricultural newsletters, all of which are used by farmers up and down the country. With the 25 service from Tooway, I have fast reliable web access, which is permanent and high quality and great value for money. This is crucial. »

Did you know ?

According to the study Agrisurfeurs 2012 made by Bva, 81 % of farmers connect to the internet at least once per day for their work, in 80% of the cases surfing for more than 15 minutes. Almost 60% of farmers connected are registered to a social network, Facebook being the most used.

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