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Julie, Thomas and their daughter Audrey, a young schoolgirl, from Elmore in Gloucestershire Gloucestershire

A plus for studies

Living in a rural community is not always simple. For example, we need to drive our daughter to school every day, a distance of fifteen miles. Here there are only a few fun things to do for the children and opportunities for them to learn and grow. Therefore, to have Tooway Internet is like opening a window to the world, and this is a real plus for their education. The other day our daughter received an excellent grade for an art presentation because she could virtually “visit” several museums in France, Italy and the United States. She is also connected, almost daily, by email, with her German pen-pal correspondent in Berlin, who will come to visit us this summer. So my husband and I take German lessons, again thanks to the Internet, on a very good website that offers German classes. Internet is the link and access to knowledge. Today, who can do without it?

Did you know ?

65% of schools in France have internet access of at least 2 megabit. Tooway is helping to bridge the digital divide  for the others by equipping 22 schools. Interactive school finally available for everyone !

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