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Llewellyn, 49 years old from the Brecon Beacons, Wales, loves the XL volumes! Wales

Away from the world and connected to it

« I have two passions in my life; the mountains where I was born, and architecture. I am fortunate to have been able to combine the two. From the small village in Wales where I live, I design traditional wooden cottages, but with bioclimatic and self-sufficient energy. For working calmly, I need to be both withdrawn from the world and at the same time remain connected to it. When it is quiet, after long walks in the middle of my beloved woods, I find solutions to construction problems, different each time. Then, from my office, I spend a lot of time on the internet, to search for the technical information and the suppliers that will allow me to put this project into practice, and also to exchange documents, photos, drafts, plans that are most of the time too “big” in terms of IT dimensions for the clients I deal with. Making use of the extra formula from tooway, means having the guarantee of a fast internet access, permanent and convenient. Four adjectives which let my business sit on solid foundations. What more could I ask? »

Did you know ?

Tooway dish pointing is no longer a matter for the experts. Indeed, with a quick audible tone you can quickly find the correct elevation (angle relative to the ground) and the perfect angle (direction from left to right). And don`t forget the KA-SAT finder, the new free application for iPhone and Android that detects the exact position of the satellite.

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