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Lucy, Antony, Julian, Olivia and Camilla, a large family from the suburbs of Herefordshire with various needs… Herefordshire

Tooway brought harmony into our family !

« Do you experience 19 hours of daily congestion on the Internet? I do!!! By early evening, all the family – five people – are trying to connect to the internet. One “chats”, another “tweets”, the third one “surfs” and the fourth one downloads a movie and I just need to be able to send emails to members of the amateur theatre group where I work as a director, because our first performance is in three weeks and is far from being ready! Our previous installation didn’t work, so I was forced to make unpopular decisions regarding who will continue to stay on the Internet and who will wait! » With tooway extra, the access to the internet is smooth and fast for everyone! You want me to say it? Tooway brought harmony to our family »

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According to the Tour de France, 17% of the French people work remotely. 79.2% from their home, 14.8% from a cafe, 7.9% from a shared office and 2.5% from a business centre.

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