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Tooway, real high-speed Internet available everywhere

Tooway extra

For extra intense usage

Tooway Extra
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40 + 60 GB / month

Whether you are a professional looking for a quick, reliable Internet service for your work, or a "constantly connected" family, your EXTRA large Internet needs require an EXTRA solution! With tooway EXTRA, enjoy a real, unlimited high-speed Internet connection by satellite!

Assess your needs

The perfect package
for professionals

Enjoy quick loading for
optimal cloud use

Benefit from the advantages of "continuous Internet and email"

Work from home

Be able to telephone in VoIP

* Maximum speed. It may vary over time and be lower particularly during periods of high network traffic.
22 Mbit/s
Tooway Extra

Access high-speed Internet by satellite with
the tooway kit and the package that fits your needs!

A tooway kit is the best equipment solution, with:
• real high-speed Internet receiving up to 22 Mbit/s* and sending up to 6 Mbit/s*,
• a small parabolic antenna,
• a modem.
You may lease or buy the tooway kit. It will be delivered to your home and you can install it yourself or have it installed by a professional.

40 + 60 GB / month
of usage

High-speed Internet up to
22 Mbit/s in reception*
6 Mbit/s in emission*

Internet available everywhere

Isabelle and Graeme, around forty years old, married with a child in Truro, Cornwall, see a lot in Tooway!

Twice as indispensable

« I have owned a large cottage B&B for the past two years in the heart of a beautiful area, very touristy, frequented by “outdoor” sport lovers: biking, canoeing, climbing…My clients come from all over Europe and even from the United States, Canada or Australia. In this type of business, having access to broadband Internet is twice as important. On the business side it allows me to safely manage online reservations, and on the other side it provides web access to our guests, who can easily keep in touch with home. I was honestly not satisfied with my original Wi-Fi connection which didn’t work. With tooway extra, I am happy and my husband, wanting to welcome foreign tourists, found a phrase in French that he would repeat to them and he was very proud of it: “Le Internet Tooway, c’est essen-ciel! Succès assuré!”  which means “Tooway Internet is essential heaven! Success is guaranteed!”

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tooway is the high-speed Internet solution by EUTELSAT,
leader in telecommunication by satellite and the third largest
operator in the world.
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Peak Rate
Peak rate Download : up to 22 Mbit/s ; Peak rate Upload : up to 6 Mbit/s.
Maximum speed, expressed in megabits per second. This speed may vary over time and be lower particularily during periods of high network traffic.

Monthly Allowance
Monthly Allowance : up to 100 GB.
Volume of data included in your monthly subscription, expressed in gigabytes (transmission + reception).

tooway kit
To use the service, you need to have a connection kit supporting Eutelsat KA-SAT 9° East satellite. The Satellite Kit is available for purchase or lease for the duration of your subscription. In the latter case it remains the sole and exclusive property of Eutelsat.

See the conditions applied by our authorised distributors.

VOIP telephony
Our authorized distributors may offer phone services using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) through the tooway connection. For prices refer to the specific conditions of each distributor.

Prices are expressed VAT included, unless otherwise stated. You may choose the tooway service that best suits your needs through our network of authorized distributors. The Prices shown on this website are based upon the regular observation of the market prices determined by each distributor. For exact prices please contact the commercial service of this tooway website (if applicable) or contact your local distributor(list of distributors available on "Our Distributors" page).

Promotional class product
Activation of the Extra package is limited to 10.000 units.

Night zone
From midnight to 6am (local time) your internet traffic will not consume the data allowance of your tooway package.

Network management policy
To provide each subscriber with a “fair share” of the network capacity, traffic management practices designed to prevent any subscriber from placing an excessive demand on network resources are applied. If during an accounting cycle the generated volume (traffic generated between 00 AM and 6 AM is not accounted) exceeds 40 GB, only web browsing (http and https traffic only, non-static embedded contents such as videos are excluded) and email (max 10 MB of attachment) are provided during peak hours. In general during periods of congestion, bandwidth intensive applications such as video streaming and file downloading may be slowed more than other applications: as a result, the quality of video streaming may be reduced and/or buffering may occur. As such, file downloads may take longer to complete during periods of congestion. Moreover, if monthly consumption (excluding traffic generated during the Night Zone between 00 AM and 6 AM)  exceeds 100GB, only web browsing (http and https traffic only, excluding non-static embedded content such as videos) and sending email (maximum 10 MB per attachment) will be possible at any time. non-static embedded contents such as videos are excluded) and email (max 10 MB of attachment) are provided.

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