Tooway XXL - 20Mbits/s satellite internet, unlimited at night
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An infinite universe is opening up for you...

To browse on the Net with the family and with no limits, get the XXL service, where high speed satellite internet is synonymous with unlimited access, at night

Tooway Kit

  • Bidirectional satellite dish
    • Size: diameter 77 cm
    • Weight: 15 Kg
    • Pointing: KA-SAT 9° East main
    • Multifeed option for TV signal
  • Receiving and data transmission unit (Tria)
  • Tooway satellite modem (Surfbeam 2 RM 4100)
    • Size:23x23x3.8 cm
    • Weight: 0.6 Kg
    • In-out port: coaxial
      Rx/Tx cable
      (not supplied)
    • LAN interface:
      10/100/1000 Mbps

unlimited usage at night from 11pm to 7am

No need for a landline

Anywhere in the UK
A volume of
50 GB1/Unlimited at night
Technical details and conditions
Speed up to
20 Mbit/s**
6 Mbit/s**



per month (incl. VAT)

Satellite internet at home ?


* Recommended retail price without purchase or hiring of hardware. Unlimited at night with the L, XL and XXL packages; as part of private, family or personal use. Contact your local distributor for further details. **Maximum speed. (1) Technical Details and conditions

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Do you experience the 19 hours of daily congestion on the Internet? I do!!! By early evening, all the family – five people – are trying to connectr…
Lucy and Antony Tooway XXL, Herefordshire

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Tooway at home

Engineers will accompany
and help you !

View advice and information about your Tooway Kit (hardware and installation) in video format.

(1) If you use the 50 GB of traffic included in your subscription (total download and upload) your speed will be capped at 256 Kbp/s download and 128 Kbp/s upload, without interruption to your connection, until the date your next monthly allowance begins.

has offers to suit all users

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